After two years of COVID, Biden offers only fear and fake science

Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement following President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 remarks on December 21, 2021:  “This has been a long two years. It’s been full of anxiety and despair, especially for those who have lost someone they loved to this virus, an overdose, or a mental health … Continue reading After two years of COVID, Biden offers only fear and fake science


ALG EXCLUSIVE: Biden lied about monoclonal antibody shortage when cutting off care to red states

A tipster inside the pharmaceutical company that produces the monoclonal antibodies proven to be effective in treating individuals with Covid-19 tells Americans for Limited Government that there is “no supply shortage of the monoclonal antibodies at this time.” This is in direct contrast with the narrative the Biden White House is pushing as the reason for rationing the treatment in Red states such as Florida where the federal government has reduced shipments of the treatment by half in recent days.

Biden spent just 11 percent of federal rent relief funds, used ensuing chaos to order federal takeover of private property

"On August 3, 2021...the Biden Administration issued another illegal eviction moratorium, just days after issuing a statement acknowledging 'the Supreme Court has made clear' the option to extend the moratorium 'is no longer available.'

Did our govt delete COVID-19 data on orders from Communist China?

With more than 650,000 American lives lost and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent to support the American people, businesses and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the public deserves to know what their government knows about the origins of this global illness and the research data that it possesses.

New emails detail how Biden let union boss donors defy science to write COVID policies

“What qualifies partisan teachers unions, other than generous contributions to allied politicians, to provide the CDC with public health guidance on reopening schools? The CDC is corrupted by politics and is dishonest when it suggests it is merely ‘following the science.’”

Mandatory breathalyzers in all cars? Ron Johnson rips drunk on power Dems

"We shouldn’t be signing up to the Green New Deal, Part I. We shouldn’t be supporting things like breathalyzers in new cars, which will drive up cost of cars. Again, to me, this is a disastrous bill. "