FDA continues to block antibody and antiviral therapies for COVID

Medications and therapies from Merck, Ridgeback and AstraZeneca are collecting dust on the FDA approval desk.

Biden COVID misinformation and fear ‘only belongs to totalitarian regimes, not a constitutional republic of free people’

"It is imperative that we reestablish local and state control, working together with those leaders to execute policies that encourage vaccination and government transparency. Not government force and fear – it backfires and only belongs to totalitarian regimes, not a constitutional republic of free people."

Did our govt delete COVID-19 data on orders from Communist China?

With more than 650,000 American lives lost and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent to support the American people, businesses and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the public deserves to know what their government knows about the origins of this global illness and the research data that it possesses.

Liberals seethe as Right to Work states recovering far faster from pandemic lockdowns

In Right to Work states, the number of manufacturing payroll employees had rebounded 10.1 percent just one year after its 2020 lows, a bump 63 percent greater than what forced-unionism states experienced, according to Labor Department statistics from July.

Mandatory breathalyzers in all cars? Ron Johnson rips drunk on power Dems

"We shouldn’t be signing up to the Green New Deal, Part I. We shouldn’t be supporting things like breathalyzers in new cars, which will drive up cost of cars. Again, to me, this is a disastrous bill. "