Here’s how the $5 trillion Dem spending scheme exploits a temporary pandemic to plunge Americans into permanent socialism

The House Democratic Whip said the pandemic offered "a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision."

Pelosi threatens government shutdown unless she gets massive debt limit hike

The Democrat majority is playing chicken with a government shutdown by tying the debt ceiling to a CR so they can enact their multi-trillion-dollar partisan tax and spending spree – which currently clocks in at $4.3 trillion – no matter the harm it will do; no matter how it will fuel more inflation that is crippling family budgets.

Pelosi silences bipartisan criticism to ram through $66 billion ag spending scheme

“Friday’s markup was a disastrous sham from start to finish, and my Democrat colleagues should be ashamed of their complete disregard of process and decorum. Democrats refused to adequately address the implications of President Biden’s many tax proposals, and ultimately, farm families will end up footing the bill for this reckless spending package. The message couldn’t be clearer—President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Congressional Democrats are perfectly fine leaving rural America in the dust.”

How did your Congressman vote on the Pelosi/Ryan spending bill? Here’s the list.

Democrats may have lost the House, the Senate and the White House, but somehow they still control Congress. That’s because the new $1.1 trillion federal spending plan, which President Trump says he supports and will sign, funds 99 percent of Obama’s EPA, and includes spending increases for government agencies engaged in falsifying climate data and … Continue reading How did your Congressman vote on the Pelosi/Ryan spending bill? Here’s the list.