Tuberville questions Biden HHS boss on scheme to seize monoclonal antibody treatments from red states

Biden's scheme HHS federally seizes monoclonal antibody treatments and limits their supply to certain states, nearly all of which did not vote for him.

Blackburn, Rubio, colleagues introduce bill to stop Biden from politicizing COVID treatments

The TREAT Act would nullify the Biden Administration’s recent policy requiring hospitals and other facilities to work through states to receive mAb supplies as well as cease the administration’s ability to throttle the state’s supply of this lifesaving treatment.

ALG EXCLUSIVE: Biden lied about monoclonal antibody shortage when cutting off care to red states

A tipster inside the pharmaceutical company that produces the monoclonal antibodies proven to be effective in treating individuals with Covid-19 tells Americans for Limited Government that there is “no supply shortage of the monoclonal antibodies at this time.” This is in direct contrast with the narrative the Biden White House is pushing as the reason for rationing the treatment in Red states such as Florida where the federal government has reduced shipments of the treatment by half in recent days.