Dem scheme slaps Americans with higher taxes than Communist China

These tax hikes mean fewer jobs created in the U.S., shrinking paychecks, and even higher costs for every day goods. Why do Senate Democrats support job-killing tax hikes that put U.S. families and job creators at a disadvantage?

Pelosi threatens government shutdown unless she gets massive debt limit hike

The Democrat majority is playing chicken with a government shutdown by tying the debt ceiling to a CR so they can enact their multi-trillion-dollar partisan tax and spending spree – which currently clocks in at $4.3 trillion – no matter the harm it will do; no matter how it will fuel more inflation that is crippling family budgets.

Biden spent just 11 percent of federal rent relief funds, used ensuing chaos to order federal takeover of private property

"On August 3, 2021...the Biden Administration issued another illegal eviction moratorium, just days after issuing a statement acknowledging 'the Supreme Court has made clear' the option to extend the moratorium 'is no longer available.'