Dem scheme slaps Americans with higher taxes than Communist China

These tax hikes mean fewer jobs created in the U.S., shrinking paychecks, and even higher costs for every day goods. Why do Senate Democrats support job-killing tax hikes that put U.S. families and job creators at a disadvantage?

Biden green agenda weakens US, make America kneel before China, Russia and Middle East

“Up until the Biden Administration took over, we were energy secure, no longer dependent upon Middle East oil. The shale gas revolution enabled U.S. energy to be even less expensive and more reliable. Now, we find ourselves in a very different place, just 8 months later."

Biden plots crippling new tax hikes on farmers and ranchers

U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, urged the agriculture community to continue to push back on the Biden administration’s proposed tax increases on family farmers, ranchers and foresters and delivered a strong rebuke of Secretary Tom Vilsack’s recent opinion piece in a letter to editor published in the Wall Street Journal.

With families already pinching pennies Biden plans to slap Americans with $350 billion in new taxes on goods

"Tariffs hurt businesses throughout the country and it’s time for a new approach to working with our trading partners that relieves the weight of the current tariffs and finally brings an end to this misguided trade war.”