Biden spent just 11 percent of federal rent relief funds, used ensuing chaos to order federal takeover of private property

"On August 3, 2021...the Biden Administration issued another illegal eviction moratorium, just days after issuing a statement acknowledging 'the Supreme Court has made clear' the option to extend the moratorium 'is no longer available.'

Lee and Tuberville introduce bill requiring Senate vote for CDC Director

“The CDC has exerted astonishing power over the everyday lives of millions of Americans without any say from Congress. This bill will ensure that, through the confirmation process, future directors are qualified, honest, and reasonable. Few agencies need such tempered, rational leadership as much as the CDC.”

Biden rushes back to court to defend CDC power snatch

The Biden administration’s extension of the illegal CDC moratorium in the face of opposition by a majority of the Supreme Court will not last long. Already realtors are seeking to enforce the Supreme Court majority view and abolish the extension of the CDC eviction moratorium. Our government should be following the law and only be able to change it through an act of Congress, which doesn’t seem to support this extension.

Legal expert: Biden power grab violates Constitution

President Biden instructed the Centers for Disease Control to issue yet another so-called “eviction moratorium” through October 3, 2021, following the original order’s July 31 expiration. The president issued the edict despite the Supreme Court indicating weeks ago that such action would require congressional mandate.  Heritage research fellow Joel Griffith released the following statement on the unlawful moratorium:  “The CDC’s moratorium is precisely the kind of big-government power-grab the pandemic has made federal policymakers more willing to make in recent months. It exceeded powers delegated … Continue reading Legal expert: Biden power grab violates Constitution