Teamsters union bosses hit with federal charges after illegally threatening worker

Teamsters Local 848 union bosses with federal charges asserting that union officials have threatened to have him fired for refusing to join the union, pay full dues, and pay other fees demanded by union officials.

Biden spent just 11 percent of federal rent relief funds, used ensuing chaos to order federal takeover of private property

"On August 3, 2021...the Biden Administration issued another illegal eviction moratorium, just days after issuing a statement acknowledging 'the Supreme Court has made clear' the option to extend the moratorium 'is no longer available.'

Grassley demands Biden AG investigate DOJ and FBI over botched Nassar investigation

“Nassar abused hundreds of young athletes while FBI sat on its thumb. DOJ refused to attend the Judiciary Committee hearing this week to face questions. Attorney General Garland should assign a federal prosecutor or special counsel to uncover what the FBI knew and when, as well as to seek prosecutions of those involved in the cover-up. These brave gymnasts and all Nassar survivors deserve accountability, especially from the Justice Department.”

Delaware Supreme Court says marijuana odor isn’t grounds for warrantless arrest

In a 4-1 decision, the court determined that the smell of marijuana alone does not provide police with “reasonable grounds to believe” that either a felony has been committed or that a suspect “has committed a misdemeanor … in the officer’s presence.”