Pa. Senate candidate Conor Lamb caught telling liberals he only pretends to be moderate because he represents Trump district

When asked directly about his so-called moderate positions, he admitted to being a fake moderate.

Dem scheme slaps Americans with higher taxes than Communist China

These tax hikes mean fewer jobs created in the U.S., shrinking paychecks, and even higher costs for every day goods. Why do Senate Democrats support job-killing tax hikes that put U.S. families and job creators at a disadvantage?

As 2022 polls sour vulnerable Senate Dems turn on each other

The clock is ticking to write and vote on the $3.5 trillion ($5 trillion in actuality) liberal tax and spending spree. With each passing day, however, Democrat infighting worsens. Progressives and “moderates” are in open combat in the House, as committee markups highlight the large policy fractions within the party.