This week the NRSC released the findings of a poll conducted jointly with the Republican Governor’s Association in Virginia following the gubernatorial election of Republican Glenn Youngkin. Poll results can be found here


  • Biden job approval: 55% disapprove/44% approve.
  • 71% of Virginians say that Terry McAuliffe spent far too much time and money running against Donald Trump. 
  • 82% of Virginians say the candidate’s education platform was important when casting their ballot.
  • 68% of Virginians say Critical Race Theory should be kept out of schools. 
  • 67% of Virginians say inflation has made it harder to make ends meet.


Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “Glenn Youngkin is the next Governor of Virginia because he focused on the issues that Virginians care about most. New NRSC/RGA polling in the state shows that voters overwhelmingly rejected the Democrats’ ‘woke’ agenda in education and their big-spending agenda that’s causing inflation. Thankfully for Republicans, Democrats have shown no signs of slowing down. They’re doubling down on the agenda that voters in Virginia soundly rejected.”

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