Just when Abby Finkenauer thought her long shot bid for Iowa Senate couldn’t get any worse, it does. According to a new poll from far-left Data for Progress, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley trounces failed, one-term Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer 53% to 39%.

The Data for Progress poll also found 56% of voters approve of Senator Grassley’s work on behalf of all Iowans in the Senate. Meanwhile, Abby Finkenauer’s approval is nearly underwater with voters who know of her hard work supporting Nancy Pelosi’s radical House agenda. President Biden – who Abby Finkenauer gleefully endorsed and worked for – also continues to drag down Democrats nationwide, especially in Iowa, where only 33% of Iowans approve of the job he’s doing.

Less than a year before Election Day, Finkenauer has a lot of work to do; this isn’t the first poll showing her losing to Senator Grassley by double-digits. Earlier this year, the gold-standard Des Moines Register poll found Grassley would win in an 18-point landslide against radical Abby Finkenauer. 

Voters will continue to reject Abby Finkenauer and her radical, anti-Iowa agenda.


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