Joe Biden and Democrats’ poll numbers have been sinking fast. His approval rating continues its downward spiral almost every time a new public poll is released. But Joe Biden isn’t just sinking in public polls. Democrats are sounding the alarm about internal polls that show him floundering.

Democrats are worried that Biden’s troubles spell bad news for their chances of holding the Senate majority next year. In fact, Democrats are so worried that they’re already plotting their escape from Biden’s unpopular agenda.

Even as it becomes clear that Joe Biden’s radical agenda is deeply unpopular, some Senate Democrats are still on board:

  • Maggie Hassan said Joe Biden is “always welcome in New Hampshire.”
  • Catherine Cortez Masto said Biden is an “important ally.”
  • And Mark Kelly gave a bizarre defense of Joe Biden’s popularity saying, “it’s unclear what the election will be even about.”

Mark Kelly might not know what the election is going to be about, but voters do.

It will be about Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ anti-middle-class policies like inflation-inducing spending and tax cuts for the wealthy. It will be about securing our border and fixing the unprecedented crisis Joe Biden created. It will be about electing Senators who hold the Biden Administration accountable for their failures.

We hope Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Mark Kelly continue to praise Joe Biden. They’re not going to be happy when they finally figure out what the election is about next November.

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