For the third time in the 2022 cycle, Nevada’s least effective Senator Catherine Cortez Masto finds herself losing in a head-to-head matchup against a potential Republican challenger.

Catherine Cortez Masto’s attempted transformation from far-Left radical to fake moderate is falling flat with Nevada voters. Any Senator who voted to allow critical race theory to be taught in schools, use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions even for babies with Down Syndrome, abolish fracking, and fuel the ongoing border crisis can’t seriously be considered a moderate.

Being a puppet for the radical, anti-Nevada Biden agenda is not getting Cortez Masto the high-marks she thought it would. Instead, Nevadans are ready to send her packing in November 2022.


The Trafalgar Group’s November poll is the third poll showing Catherine Cortez Masto trailing a potential Republican opponent. An August 2021 poll had Cortez Masto down 10 points, and a September 2021 poll had her down two points.

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