Louisiana Republican State Senators Patrick Connick, Louie Bernard, and Franklin Foil, along with Democrat Gary Smith all abandoned their support for Constitutional Carry, changing their pro-gun votes to anti-gun votes during the veto override session, causing the bill to fail 23-15.

Senator Ronnie Johns decided to be absent during the session, further aiding in the failure of the Governor’s veto of SB 118 being overridden.

“What these senators did today is pure cowardice, plain and simple. While Constitutional Carry remains the most popular gun rights legislation across America, law-aiding Louisianans have been abandoned by their elected officials,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

“But we’re not leaving Louisiana any time soon. I look forward to holding these spineless politicians accountable come election season, and during the next legislative cycle, we’ll double down on getting making Constitutional Carry a reality in Louisiana,” said Brown.

SB 118 bill sponsor Sen. Jay Morris pushed Constitutional Carry during the regular session, and during today’s veto override session, only to be handed a losing vote.  

“I want to personally thank Sen. Jay Morris and his efforts to pass Constitutional Carry. Without his leadership, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Now it’s up to House Speaker Clay Schexnayder to hold a vote in the House so we can know who will stand with gun owners and who will betray their previous support for Constitutional Carry,” said Brown.

The National Association for Gun Rights urges every single law-abiding gun owner in Louisiana to contact their elected officials and demand they make Louisiana a Constitutional Carry state without delay.


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