With socialist Bernie Sanders at the helm, Democrats are no longer shy about moving forward with their $3.5 trillion reckless tax and spending spree. And this reckless bill is as radical as it comes. As Politico recently reported, “With more than 40 separate tax increases, collectively worth $2 trillion, it would be the largest package of tax increases in decades.” According to the Tax Foundation, Democrats are planning the largest tax increase since 1968. Democrats are not sparing anybody from their harmful tax hikes, and their wasteful spending knows no bounds.

What exactly is in the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree?

Reckless tax hikes…:

Disastrous tax hikes that would kill more than 300,000 jobs and force American job creators to pay higher taxes in the U.S. than in China

A new tax on methane emissions that would cost dairy farmers $6,504 per cow per year

Tax hikes on 1.4 million Main Street businesses, putting at risk the backbones of every local economy

Environmental warrior taxes, risking America’s energy independence and raising energy prices on hardworking families

An expansion of the harmful death tax that destroys generational, family-owned businesses and farms

A doubling of taxes on tobacco products, harming job creators in states like North Carolina and driving a sharp increase in consumer prices

…to fuel reckless spending:

IRS spying on the bank accounts of private citizens

Pathway to government-run health care like Medicare for All

Electric vehicle tax breaks for the rich, coastal elites

$10B to establish a new, so-called Civilian Climate Corp to advance “environmental justice”

$3.5B for “tree equity”

$12B for the federal government to purchase electric vehicles

More power for labor unions, allowing them to fine businesses who do not comply with their radical policies

Special tax cuts for Democrats’ journalist allies

Tax cuts to buy electric bikes – but no tax cuts to purchase a traditional bike

Senate Democrats like Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, Raphael Warnock, Mark Kelly, and Michael Bennet support this far-Left, reckless tax and spending spree – proving once and for all that they are solidly in Bernie Sanders’s socialist caucus.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Any Democrat who supports this reckless tax and spending spree is supporting a socialist agenda to destroy America.”


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