Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered remarks in this week’s forum with the Congressional Western Caucus. This week also marks National Clean Energy Week, which Republican E&C members are recognizing by highlighting their solutions to address climate change risks, create jobs, promote energy reliability, and protect America’s national security.

Excerpts and highlights from her prepared remarks:

Energy is the backbone of the U.S.

“Energy really is the backbone of our country. It’s the key to American prosperity. It drives our economy, bolsters our manufacturing sector, and it’s vital to American families and households.

“Up until the Biden Administration took over, we were energy secure, no longer dependent upon Middle East oil. The shale gas revolution enabled U.S. energy to be even less expensive and more reliable.

“Now, we find ourselves in a very different place, just 8 months later.

“President Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline on Day One, putting thousands of American workers out of work.

“He condoned the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, aiding Russia. And he reopened negotiations with Iran on the previous nuclear treaty.

“Just last month, Biden put the country in the position of asking OPEC to pump more oil. And that’s while he is working hard to shut down oil and gas production here in the United States, particularly on federal lands.”

Fighting the magical thinking

“Against the backdrop of the dangerous Biden energy policies, we are finding now more than ever that there is a pervasive sense of magical thinking with the Left and environmentalists when it comes to climate change.

“They come up with deadlines and percentages for the electricity sector, a whole clean economy, and electrifying the vehicle fleet.

“But, they cannot explain how to meet these goals, either from a technological, engineering, or economic standpoint.

“And even when faced with credible opinions that these fake deadlines and goals are not achievable, the Left doubles down on their positions.

“Republicans must continue to highlight these inaccuracies and impossibilities.”

Dependence upon China

“One of the most frightening parts of the Left’s rush to green agenda is how dependent it will make the United States upon China.

“We’ll be dependent upon them for critical minerals that are needed for wind, solar, batteries, and EVs.

“Turning over our energy and transportation systems to one of our most serious enemies is almost unbelievable; but that’s where the Democrats are.

“In Energy and Commerce just last week at our reconciliation markup, Democrats voted over and over for China, turning a blind eye to how dependent we will become on that country under their Green New Deal policies.

“The Left’s rush to green policies also will require products and resources from child and forced labor, children in the Congo mining cobalt, slave labor in China processing critical minerals and manufacturing solar panels.

“As Americans, how can we enable and condone such behavior?”

Republican Solutions on Energy Infrastructure

“Energy and Commerce Republicans have been focusing on our own legislative agenda to develop and deploy more clean energy and to reduce emissions. Innovation – and American innovation, at that – should be driving climate policies. Always bet on American ingenuity.

“Earlier this Congress, Energy and Commerce Republicans released their Securing Cleaner American Energy agenda.

“That agenda contains nearly 20 different bills that will unleash innovation, bring more energy online, and keep our air clean.

“The various bills focus on the importance of removing regulatory barriers to permitting and building more energy infrastructure – natural gas pipelines, nuclear reactors, hydropower, transmission lines, and manufacturing facilities.

“For instance, I have a bill that will improve and streamline the licensing process for hydropower – one of our greatest energy sources, and an emissions free one. You’ll hear more from both Avista and Diamond Foundry about the importance of hydropower.”

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