New disastrous polling from NBC News, Morning Consult, and ABC News could not come at a worse time for Democrats as they look to keep hold of the Virginia Governor’s Mansion.

Democrats are losing ground in historic fashion on almost every issue facing America today:

The 18 point advantage for Republicans on the economy is the largest partisan advantage in the history of the survey!

Driving the poor numbers is President Biden, whose approval rating has dropped dramatically while 71% of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction.

In suburbia, Morning Consult’s new polling affirms the NRSC’s suburban poll from October. President Biden is bleeding support across the country and it is dragging down his party and their Senate candidates.

Making matters worse, Americans have no idea what the Democrats are doing in Congress, and what they do know, they don’t like. According to ABC News, 7 in 10 Americans know little about the bills Democrats are ramming through Congress, and nearly half of Democrats don’t think either the infrastructure bill or the tax-and-spend bill will help people like them!

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Just one year removed from their electoral victories, President Biden and the Democrats have plummeted to levels of disapproval not seen in thirty years. It’s a historic achievement fueled by historic incompetence. On the eve of an important gubernatorial contest in a blue state, Democrat operatives are sweating bullets. Suburbanites across America are hungry for change, and by the looks of it, are gearing up for a wave election next year.”

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