California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder responds to inquiries submitted by multiple media outlets.

Commentary on University of Pennsylvania study

Over 20 years ago Elder penned an article citing a study done by the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania. For the study, researchers asked 25 policy-related questions during the corresponding primary season. Questions concerned campaign finance reform, gun control, taxes, foreign policy, defense, as well as questions about the candidates’ positions. Men knew more than women in 15 categories. Women outperformed men on only one question.  

The study concluded that women knew less because they got their information from local news. “Local news-watching makes you dumber,” stated Kathleen Hall Jamieson, one of the researchers for the study. This quote was from Ms. Jamieson, NOT Larry Elder. The article in question can be found here.

Comedy skit 

Some in the media have made wild allegations against Elder based on an old comedy skit. Performed by Elder at Igby’s Comedy Cabaret on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles around the time of the OJ Simpson murder trial, the skit featured Elder reenacting F. Lee Bailey, one of OJ’s defense attorneys, discrediting prosecution witness Detective Mark Furman. During the trial, Bailey accused Furman of being a racist, repeatedly used the N-word on cross-examination, and claimed that this was part of Furman’s normal vocabulary. (See video here.)

Bailey’s theatrical and controversial cross examination caught national attention and was subsequently included prominently in the television series, The People vs. OJ Simpson. Elder’s comedy skit sought to show that Bailey, a white man, was in fact a closet racist, and that he was enjoying being able to freely use racial slurs against black people without repercussions.

Elder subsequently played the skit on his radio show on KABC, which was owned by Disney at the time. Had Elder been disparaging black people on the air, he would have been fired on the spot.

Some have accused Elder of promoting hate through the comedy skit. On the contrary, Elder was making fun of the covert racism of the pompous F. Lee Bailey.

In his campaign for governor, Elder will continue to discuss crime, homelessness, the rising cost of living, and the absence of fathers from the home—all problems that afflict black America but have only deteriorated under Governor Gavin Newsom.

FPPC investigation into election financial filings

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced over the weekend that it has initiated an investigation into Elder’s financial filings.

In mid-July, Elder submitted over 500 pages of documents to get on the ballot as a candidate for governor. A little over a week ago, our campaign learned that there had been an oversight and additional financial disclosures were needed. We submitted an amended filing within two business days. There was a simple mistake in the candidate filings, and it was corrected as quickly as possible.

Amended candidate filings regarding complicated financial disclosures are routine for political campaigns. Complaints by opponents, and corresponding FPPC investigations, are also very common in high-profile cases.

-Elder for Governor


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