Democrats plan to cook the books, using budget gimmicks and fuzzy math to make their $3.5 trillion (really, $5.5 trillion) reckless tax-and-spend package, written by Bernie Sanders, look smaller and more inexpensive.

This week President Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud and essentially admitted to doing just that:

“Asked how he would trim $1 trillion from his initial plan, Biden said, ‘My objective is to get everything that I campaigned on passed.’ He added, ‘It won’t all happen at once.’ That seemed to suggest that some initiatives in the bill might not begin right away or might last only temporarily to save money.”

Save money, huh? We were under the impression that this bill didn’t cost anything, Mr. President…

Statement from Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “If something is free, why does the cost need to be cut? While the Democrats are confusing the hell out of their colleagues in Washington to ram through a socialist wish list, people outside the Beltway are getting squeezed due to inflation and a sluggish economy. Democrats are lying about their tax-and-spend plans in the hopes that no one catches on. Well, they’re much too late.”


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