Democrats may have lost the House, the Senate and the White House, but somehow they still control Congress.

That’s because the new $1.1 trillion federal spending plan, which President Trump says he supports and will sign, funds 99 percent of Obama’s EPA, and includes spending increases for government agencies engaged in falsifying climate data and running welfare programs for billion-dollar wind and solar corporations.

All Democrats had to give up was an agreement to increase defense spending, which several already supported.

Despite being drawn up by Republican leaders and the Trump White House, the plan passed with Democrats providing most of the support.

The bill is H.R. 244, titled the “HIRE VETS Act.”  Inside that bill is the text of “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017,” which funds the federal government through September.

Americans for a Better Economy urged a “NO” vote in the House, and urges the Senate to kill this bill, say ABE Executive Director Donny Ferguson.

Of the 309 votes to pass, 178 came from Democrats.  Only 131 Republicans voted for it.

If the 118 votes against, 103 came from Republicans.  Only 15 Democrats voted against it.
Americans for a Better Economy urged a “NO” vote in the House, and urges the Senate to kill this bill.

How did your House member vote?

Here’s the list.

Abraham R NO
Adams D YES
Aderholt R YES
Aguilar D YES
Allen R YES
Amash R NO
Amodei R YES
Arrington R NO
Babin R NO
Bacon R YES
Banks (IN) R NO
Barletta R YES
Barr R YES
Barragán D NO
Barton R NO
Bass D YES
Beatty D YES
Bera D YES
Bergman R YES
Beyer D YES
Biggs R NO
Bilirakis R NO
Bishop (GA) D YES
Bishop (MI) R YES
Bishop (UT) R NO
Black R NO
Blackburn R NO
Blum R NO
Blumenauer D YES
Blunt Rochester D YES
Bonamici D YES
Bost R YES
Boyle, Brendan F. D YES
Brady (PA) D YES
Brady (TX) R YES
Brat R NO
Bridenstine R NO
Brooks (AL) R NO
Brooks (IN) R YES
Brown (MD) D YES
Brownley (CA) D YES
Buchanan R YES
Buck R NO
Bucshon R YES
Budd R NO
Burgess R YES
Bustos D YES
Butterfield D YES
Byrne R YES
Calvert R YES
Capuano D YES
Carbajal D YES
Cárdenas D NO
Carson (IN) D YES
Carter (GA) R YES
Carter (TX) R YES
Cartwright D YES
Castor (FL) D YES
Castro (TX) D NO
Chabot R NO
Cheney R NO
Chu, Judy D YES
Cicilline D YES
Clark (MA) D YES
Clarke (NY) D YES
Clay D YES
Cleaver D YES
Clyburn D YES
Coffman R YES
Cohen D YES
Cole R YES
Collins (GA) R YES
Collins (NY) R YES
Comer R YES
Comstock R YES
Conaway R YES
Connolly D YES
Conyers D YES
Cook R YES
Cooper D YES
Correa D NO
Costa D YES
Costello (PA) R YES
Courtney D YES
Cramer R YES
Crawford R YES
Crist D YES
Crowley D YES
Cuellar D YES
Culberson R YES
Cummings D YES
Curbelo (FL) R YES
Davidson R NO
Davis (CA) D YES
Davis, Danny D YES
Davis, Rodney R YES
DeFazio D YES
DeGette D YES
Delaney D YES
DeLauro D YES
DelBene D YES
Demings D YES
Denham R YES
Dent R YES
DeSantis R NO
DeSaulnier D YES
DesJarlais R NO
Deutch D YES
Diaz-Balart R YES
Dingell D YES
Doggett D YES
Donovan R YES
Doyle, Michael F. D YES
Duffy R NO
Duncan (SC) R NO
Duncan (TN) R NO
Dunn R YES
Ellison D NO
Emmer R NO
Engel D YES
Eshoo D YES
Espaillat D NO
Estes (KS) R NO
Esty (CT) D YES
Evans D YES
Farenthold R NO
Faso R YES
Ferguson R NO
Fitzpatrick R YES
Fleischmann R YES
Flores R YES
Fortenberry R NO
Foster D YES
Foxx R NO
Frankel (FL) D YES
Franks (AZ) R NO
Frelinghuysen R YES
Fudge D YES
Gabbard D YES
Gaetz R NO
Gallagher R NO
Gallego D NO
Garamendi D YES
Garrett R NO
Gibbs R NO
Gohmert R NO
Gonzalez (TX) D YES
Goodlatte R NO
Gosar R NO
Gottheimer D YES
Gowdy R YES
Granger R YES
Graves (GA) R YES
Graves (LA) R NO
Graves (MO) R YES
Green, Al D YES
Green, Gene D YES
Griffith R NO
Grijalva D NO
Grothman R NO
Guthrie R YES
Gutiérrez D NO
Hanabusa D YES
Harper R YES
Harris R NO
Hartzler R YES
Hastings D YES
Heck D YES
Hensarling R YES
Herrera Beutler R YES
Hice, Jody B. R NO
Higgins (LA) R YES
Higgins (NY) D YES
Hill R YES
Himes D YES
Holding R NO
Hollingsworth R NO
Hoyer D YES
Hudson R NO
Huffman D YES
Huizenga R YES
Hultgren R NO
Hunter R NO
Hurd R YES
Issa R YES
Jackson Lee D YES
Jayapal D YES
Jeffries D YES
Jenkins (KS) R YES
Jenkins (WV) R YES
Johnson (GA) D YES
Johnson (LA) R NO
Johnson (OH) R YES
Johnson, E. B. D YES
Johnson, Sam R NO
Jones R NO
Jordan R NO
Joyce (OH) R YES
Kaptur D YES
Katko R YES
Keating D YES
Kelly (IL) D YES
Kelly (MS) R NO
Kelly (PA) R YES
Kennedy D YES
Khanna D YES
Kihuen D YES
Kildee D YES
Kilmer D YES
Kind D YES
King (IA) R NO
King (NY) R YES
Kinzinger R YES
Knight R YES
Krishnamoorthi D YES
Kuster (NH) D YES
Kustoff (TN) R NO
Labrador R NO
LaHood R NO
LaMalfa R YES
Lamborn R NO
Lance R YES
Langevin D YES
Larsen (WA) D YES
Larson (CT) D YES
Latta R NO
Lawrence D YES
Lawson (FL) D YES
Levin D YES
Lewis (GA) D YES
Lewis (MN) R NO
Lieu, Ted D NO
Lipinski D YES
LoBiondo R YES
Loebsack D YES
Lofgren D YES
Long R NO
Loudermilk R NO
Love R NO
Lowenthal D YES
Lowey D YES
Lucas R YES
Luetkemeyer R YES
Lujan Grisham, M. D YES
Luján, Ben Ray D YES
Lynch D YES
MacArthur R YES
Maloney, Carolyn B. D YES
Maloney, Sean D YES
Marchant R NO
Marino R YES
Marshall R NO
Massie R NO
Mast R YES
Matsui D YES
McCarthy R YES
McCaul R YES
McClintock R NO
McCollum D YES
McEachin D YES
McGovern D YES
McHenry R YES
McKinley R YES
McMorris Rodgers R YES
McNerney D YES
McSally R YES
Meadows R NO
Meehan R YES
Meeks D YES
Meng D YES
Messer R NO
Mitchell R YES
Moolenaar R YES
Mooney (WV) R YES
Moore D YES
Moulton D YES
Mullin R NO
Murphy (FL) D YES
Murphy (PA) R YES
Nadler D YES
Napolitano D YES
Neal D YES
Noem R NO
Nolan D YES
Norcross D YES
Nunes R YES
O’Halleran D YES
Olson R NO
O’Rourke D YES
Palazzo R YES
Pallone D YES
Palmer R NO
Panetta D YES
Pascrell D YES
Paulsen R YES
Payne D YES
Pearce R NO
Pelosi D YES
Perlmutter D YES
Perry R NO
Peters D YES
Peterson D NO
Pingree D YES
Pittenger R DID NOT VOTE
Pocan D YES
Poe (TX) R NO
Polis D YES
Posey R NO
Price (NC) D YES
Quigley D YES
Raskin D YES
Ratcliffe R NO
Reed R YES
Reichert R YES
Renacci R NO
Rice (NY) D YES
Rice (SC) R YES
Richmond D YES
Roby R YES
Roe (TN) R NO
Rogers (AL) R NO
Rogers (KY) R YES
Rohrabacher R YES
Rokita R YES
Rooney, Francis R NO
Rooney, Thomas J. R YES
Rosen D YES
Roskam R NO
Ros-Lehtinen R YES
Ross R YES
Rothfus R NO
Rouzer R NO
Roybal-Allard D YES
Royce (CA) R YES
Ruiz D YES
Ruppersberger D YES
Rush D NO
Russell R NO
Rutherford R YES
Ryan (OH) D YES
Ryan (WI) R YES
Sánchez D YES
Sanford R NO
Sarbanes D YES
Scalise R YES
Schakowsky D YES
Schiff D YES
Schneider D YES
Schrader D YES
Schweikert R NO
Scott (VA) D YES
Scott, Austin R YES
Scott, David D YES
Sensenbrenner R NO
Serrano D YES
Sessions R YES
Sewell (AL) D YES
Shea-Porter D YES
Sherman D YES
Shimkus R YES
Shuster R YES
Simpson R YES
Sinema D YES
Sires D YES
Slaughter D YES
Smith (MO) R NO
Smith (NE) R YES
Smith (NJ) R YES
Smith (TX) R NO
Smith (WA) D YES
Smucker R YES
Soto D YES
Speier D YES
Stefanik R YES
Stewart R NO
Stivers R YES
Suozzi D YES
Swalwell (CA) D YES
Takano D YES
Taylor R YES
Tenney R YES
Thompson (CA) D YES
Thompson (MS) D YES
Thompson (PA) R YES
Thornberry R YES
Tiberi R YES
Tipton R NO
Titus D YES
Tonko D YES
Torres D NO
Trott R YES
Tsongas D YES
Turner R YES
Upton R YES
Valadao R YES
Vargas D NO
Veasey D YES
Vela D NO
Velázquez D YES
Visclosky D YES
Wagner R NO
Walberg R YES
Walden R YES
Walker R NO
Walorski R YES
Walters, Mimi R YES
Walz D YES
Wasserman Schultz D YES
Waters, Maxine D YES
Watson Coleman D YES
Weber (TX) R NO
Webster (FL) R NO
Welch D YES
Wenstrup R NO
Westerman R NO
Williams R NO
Wilson (FL) D YES
Wilson (SC) R YES
Wittman R NO
Womack R YES
Woodall R YES
Yarmuth D YES
Yoder R YES
Yoho R NO
Young (AK) R YES
Young (IA) R YES
Zeldin R YES

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