Gas prices are at a record $4.32 per gallon, utility bills are spiking, and hardworking Americans are feeling the pressure on their pocketbooks. But Senate Democrats don’t seem to care. 

Mark KellyMaggie HassanCatherine Cortez MastoRaphael WarnockMichael Bennet, and their radical colleagues have already done all they can to raise prices at the pump and end U.S. energy independence, but Senate Democrats want to do even more to hurt families and job creators. Last week, failed presidential candidate Michael Bennet and his fellow far-left senators announced a misguided proposal to hike taxes on American energy companies, which would push gas and utility costs even higher.

As the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote, “The windfall-tax proposal shows that Democrats don’t want U.S. companies to produce more oil so gasoline prices fall. They want higher gas prices so reluctant consumers buy more electric vehicles. They can’t say this directly because it would be politically suicidal in an election year with the average gas price above $4 a gallon, so they do it indirectly via taxes and regulation.”

Senate Democrats mistakenly believe the way to lower the cost of U.S. energy – or force Americans into buying electric cars they cannot afford – would be to destroy the ability to increase domestic supply and tax companies out of business. In reality, Democrats’ half-baked ideas would push prices astronomically higher and increase our dependence on foreign energy. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “High gas prices and utility bills are a feature, not a bug, of the Democrats’ agenda. Despite their desperate election year stunts, Senate Democrats like Michael Bennet, Mark Kelly, Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Raphael Warnock are hell-bent on killing domestic energy production by taxing and regulating the American energy industry into oblivion. Senate Democrats have zero concern for how it impacts American families and small businesses.”


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