The headwinds facing Catherine Cortez Masto – who has already been dubbed the most vulnerable Senate Democrat this cycle – just got even stronger. Masto is bleeding support from young votersseeing droves of Democrats change their voter registration, and is down in multiple polls to a potential Republican challenger. A recent New York Times report is now highlighting her issues with one of Nevada’s largest voting blocs: Hispanic voters.

“But Republicans now sense an opportunity to peel away many of those votes, and in ways that could have national political reverberations. Some data in the latest Wall Street Journal poll suggest why. According to the poll, Republicans enjoy a 9-point advantage over Democrats in the so-called congressional generic ballot among Latino voters — meaning that, by a 9 percentage-point margin, respondents said they would prefer to elect a Republican to Congress […]

“Plenty of other data suggests Democrats ought to be concerned, however. John Anzalone, a Democratic pollster who helped to conduct The Journal’s poll and a previous one in December, has called Hispanics ‘a swing vote that we’re going to have to fight for.’

“Last year, a study by the Democratically-aligned firm Equis Labs found that Democrats had lost support among key Latino communities during the 2020 election. In 2020, exit-poll data showed that Donald Trump had made gains among Latino voters in Nevada specifically, even as he lost the state in that year’s presidential election.”

Nevadans are still “struggling to make ends meet,” but Catherine Cortez Masto has turned her back on them and ignores the struggles they’re facing every single day. Instead, she serves in the Senate as a rubber stamp to Joe Biden’s unpopular, reckless tax-and-spending spree that has driven the cost of everyday goods to a 40-year high – policies that half of Hispanic families believe will hurt them, according to a last year NRSC poll.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Democrats are losing touch with Hispanic voters, and Catherine Cortez Masto is putting on a masterclass in Nevada. Masto has aligned herself with the radical left’s agenda of high taxes and even higher prices instead of working to improve the lives of all Nevadans.”


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