Gas prices have hit record highs 27 of the last 28 days. But don’t expect Joe Biden and Senate Democrats to do anything about it. They’re continuing to ignore record gas prices because they believe it will help the country “transition” away from fossil fuels.  

Instead of increasing U.S. oil production, Joe Biden is asking other countries to produce more oil while invoking the rarely used Defense Production Act to boost solar power.

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats couldn’t care less about Americans who are cancelling vacations because gas prices are too high. They want record gas prices so they can force their Green New Deal agenda on Americans.

Senate Democrats are doing everything in their power to raise U.S. gas prices. They voted against legislation to prohibit a ban on fracking and voted to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline. Democrats’ only answer for Americans who can’t afford gas is to buy an expensive electric car.

Yesterday, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) told a story about how she “passed every single gas station” while she was driving her new electric vehicle to D.C. “It didn’t matter how high [gas] was,” she added.

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats clearly don’t understand the pain that their reckless agenda is causing. Democrats’ message to Americans is clear. If you can’t afford gas, stop complaining, take out a second mortgage, and buy a $56,000 electric vehicle.

Gas prices are through the roof and Democrats have no plan to bring them down. Their solution, as Sen. Stabenow outlined yesterday, is for Americans to buy expensive electric vehicles. The only “transition” that will help struggling Americans is a transition to a Republican Senate majority in November.


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