In one of the most liberal cities in the country, San Francisco, voters by a 2 to 1 margin voted to recall controversial District Attorney Chesa Boudin last night. Boudin was one of the most liberal prosecutors in the country, eliminating cash bail and instituting progressive criminal justice “reforms” that resulted in a massive spike in violent crime, shoplifting and burglaries.

This repudiation of Boudin and his progressive agenda is a bad sign for one Senate candidate who wants to bring these ideas to Washington: John Fetterman.

Here’s a quick rundown of John Fetterman’s soft-on-crime agenda:

  • Fetterman said his job on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons was to “get as many folks out as we can.”
  • Fetterman called for lowering the number of votes required to refer a prisoner for a pardon.
  • Fetterman endorsed the idea of releasing one-third of Pennsylvania’s prison population.
  • Fetterman supported lowering the minimum sentence from life without parole for those convicted of second-degree murder and wanted to eliminate the felony murder law entirely.
  • Fetterman motioned to reconsider the pardon bid of Richard Marra, a man with mob ties who was convicted of murdering another man because he said “hello” to Marra’s girlfriend.
  • Fetterman broke with Attorney General Josh Shapiro and seconded a motion to grant a reconsideration trial to Edward Printup, a man convicted of murdering his step-father.
  • Fetterman supported the release of convicted murder accomplice Daniel Cummings, despite anguished objections from the victim’s sister, who said Cummings had “completely destroyed a family.”

If voters in liberal San Francisco are rejecting this kind of soft-on-crime agenda, it’s going to be a long campaign cycle for John Fetterman. As the NRSC pointed out in March, John Fetterman is too dangerous for Pennsylvania.

Statement from NRSC Communications Director Chris Hartline: “John Fetterman has been clear from the beginning: his goal is to fight for criminals, not the victims of their crimes. This type of radical, soft-on-crime agenda is being soundly rejected at the ballot box across the country, even in the most liberal enclaves like San Francisco.  Pennsylvania families want a Senator who will fight to protect them, not the violent criminals. That bodes poorly for Pennsylvania criminals’ favorite candidate, John Fetterman.”



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