Disaster is on the horizon, and Democrats are not doing a good job at hiding their panic. 

In supposedly “blue” Colorado, Democrats are reportedly dumping 7-figures into the REPUBLICAN Senate primary to try and stir up drama. Just goes to show you how vulnerable Michael Bennet is in a state that Joe Biden won by more than 13 points.

But this isn’t the first example of Democrats using valuable resources very early in the cycle to save themselves in states they once thought were solidly in their favor. 

Last week, Senator Patty Murray went up with her first TV ad in Washington – a state Joe Biden won by 19 points – after new polling showed her race tightening. 

If you thought June was early to begin airing your re-election ads, take a look at New Hampshire, a state Joe Biden won by 7 points.  Senator Maggie Hassan began airing her first ad all the way back in mid-September!

Burning money this early to bolster states where Biden won comfortably is a tell-tale sign of just how bad things have gotten for Senate Democrats. 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The money tells the story.  Republican primaries haven’t even concluded in so-called blue states like Colorado, Washington, and New Hampshire, yet Democrats are throwing millions upon millions of dollars early to stop the bleeding of incumbent Senators.  Democrat panic underscores their historic weakness, and at this point, no amount of money will save them.”



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