Last year, Raphael Warnock and Stacy Abrams decided to stake their political futures on inventing a controversy by crying foul over Georgia’s common-sense voter integrity measures. Their antics cost Atlanta the All-Star Game and the $100 million windfall that came with it, and stirred up misplaced distrust in our elections. 

Not to be outdone, President Joe Biden recklessly called the voter integrity bill, “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Now, just over a year since the bill was signed into law, 857,401 Georgians have voted early – a new record! 

This staggering number is a 168% increase in early voting turnout from the last gubernatorial primary in 2018 and a 212% increase from the last presidential primary in 2020.

So, were Warnock and Abrams purposely lying about the impact of their state’s new voting measures or willfully ignorant?

Their concern now should be with their own party, as Democratic energy appears to be near record lows. Here’s what one of Warnock’s parishioners told the New York Times:

“I think 2020 was a referendum on Trump,” said Ashley Fogle, a 44-year-old Democrat who lives in Atlanta and attended Ebenezer church on Sunday. “I just don’t know if there’s that same energy in 2022.”

Not only is Democrat energy low, but Warnock is without a leader he wants to be seen with, refusing to say whether he wants President Biden to campaign for him in Georgia.  

A tough day to be a Georgia Democrat!

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Most impartial observers knew that Warnock and Abrams were badly overplaying their hand when it came to Georgia’s new voter integrity laws.  But, no one could have expected how incredibly wrong their predictions were.  Raphael Warnock’s irresponsible fear-mongering cost his state jobs and money, and sowed doubt in our voting process.  With no wave to ride in November, Warnock will be held accountable at the ballot box.”


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