Joe Biden and the Democrats have lost Hispanic voters. It could not be clearer why Hispanic voters are moving away from Democrats in droves. They support the Republican agenda of smaller government, capitalism, and secure borders. And they reject the Democrats’ agenda of big government, socialism, and open borders.

Hispanic voters rip Biden over immigration, economy: ‘Latino values are Republican values’

Talks of November’s midterms plague the political realm as President Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to slip among key demographics – including Latinos and young Americans.

While the partisan blame for an escalating border crisis, soaring inflation and a siege against family values raged on, “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy sat down with members of one key demographic coined the “sleeping giant in the room,” whose turnout at the polls this November could make or break either party’s wishes.

“Inflation is real time. We see it, we feel it, and it’s something that’s going to draw a lot of Hispanics to the voting booth,” he said.

“We won’t be able to reach that American dream that I moved here for at nineteen,” another voter, Carolina del Calvo, added.

The discussion stems from a recent Quinnipiac poll which found a startling 50 percent of Hispanic voters disapprove of President Biden’s job, the highest dissatisfaction among all ethnic demographics.

“The move in the direction of what we are teaching children [concerns me]. We have to get back to being focused on actual education items,” she said. When asked if she is concerned by Critical Race Theory and gender politics plaguing curriculum, Aviles answered with a definitive “absolutely.”

Panelist Gerson Hernandez stressed another key issue – the border crisis – saying, “people are flooding our border. That puts a bunch of individuals at risk of being at the hands of the cartel.”

Adding to Hernandez’s discussion on the border issue, panelist Aaron Rocha slammed a common claim made about illegal immigrants:

“It’s not parents sending their kids over here to give them a better life,” he said, “It’s kids being kidnaped and being used by the cartel to get over here. They are the worst type of people.”



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