President Joe Biden and the Democrats can point fingers all they want, but Americans are struggling to keep up with the rising inflation and they are doing nothing to address it. If they don’t want to hear it from the NRSC then they should at least take a moment to listen to the American voters.

Here is what they are saying:

  • Nevada woman: “It’s terrible. It’s terrible. With inflation, gas price is rising, cost of food. I literally just went grocery shopping yesterday, spent $700 on what? This time, last year would’ve filled my refrigerator up, and it’s barely [enough] because I have three teenagers at home.”
  • North Carolina man“I’m always complaining to my wife about her spending too much in groceries. She’s, like, ‘I’m buying the same stuff that I did six months ago.’ So I definitely can see it.”
  • Wisconsin woman“The prices are high. The food prices have gone up. The price of food has gone up, and they’ve taken out. And they’ve given you less. It used to be 16 ounces. Now it’s 13, and they hope you don’t notice. And sometimes you can go in the store the next day, a price will be 20 cent[s] higher.”
  • North Carolina woman: “So you can tell me it’s doing great, but if I’m struggling to buy groceries and gas and will be out of a job for real in two months, that to me is saying, no, it’s not really doing that great.”
  • Wisconsin woman: “And according to them, the 6 million jobs that were created, good. The economy has rebounded, so they say. But I don’t believe it. [Moderator: So what would you want to see in order to feel like, OK, the economy is rebounding? What kind of fact or number would you want to see?] Oh, prices going down. Gas prices down.”

Democrats are failing American families and their reckless spending habits are to blame. When will they finally take the hint and tackle the economic crisis they have fueled? With November right around the corner, they may want to consider a new strategy.



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