Vulnerable Senate Democrats are heading for trouble this November. Biden’s approval rating is severely underwater in battleground states like Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, and New Hampshire. Biden’s approval rating is only positive in 6 of the bluest states in the country.

Here’s a look at the latest survey from Civiqs:

What’s even worse for Democrats is that a new Emerson Poll has Democrats down 5 points on the generic ballot. Americans are clearly fed up with Joe Biden’s poor leadership. Despite this, vulnerable Senate Democrats continue to support Joe Biden’s failing agenda.

Vulnerable Senate Democrats should read the writing on the wall. Americans want Senators who will stand up to Joe Biden’s radical agenda and get this country back on the right track. Democrats like Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Michael Bennet are ignoring the clear warning signs from voters. They’re going to regret it in November.


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