Democrats don’t have faith in either of their Pennsylvania Senate hopefuls, Conor Lamb or John Fetterman. 

According to Politico:

A super PAC backing Pennsylvania Senate candidate Conor Lamb is warning prospective donors that he is trailing frontrunner John Fetterman by 30 percentage points in the Democratic primary.

The slide deck created by the super PAC makes the case that most Democratic voters want a moderate candidate in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, but don’t currently see Fetterman as progressive. It also argues that Fetterman’s liberal ideas are a risk in the general election.

Basically, Lamb’s own super PAC doesn’t think he can get out of the primary and their research predicts that Fetterman can’t get out of a general.


Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “If Lamb and Fetterman’s own party doesn’t have faith in their campaigns, then who does? It’s all good news for Republicans and we’ll just sit back as we watch the Democrat infighting unfold.”


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