It wasn’t long ago that Senate Democrats voted to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs by canceling the Keystone Pipeline and pushed their anti-energy agenda. But why stop there. Senate Democrats once again voted against thousands of good paying jobs for Americans and chose their radical energy policies. 

Fracking is an integral part of many states across the United States. Senator Kevin Cramer’s amendment would prohibit the Biden Administration from banning fracking, a ban that would weaken our national security, increase our dependence on other countries and take more money out of the pockets of hardworking Americans. 

According to a poll by the NRSC, 62% of Americans oppose a nationwide ban on fracking and are aware of the negative impacts that it will have on the economy and energy costs. Unfortunately vulnerable Democrats like, Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, Mark Kelly and Maggie Hassan, are choosing not to listen to the American public.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Priscilla Ivasco: “The Democrats’ anti-energy policies such as the Green New Deal, banning fracking and phasing out fossil fuels will hurt hard-working Americans and their families. Their vote against Senator Cramer’s amendment only proves one thing: Democrats will do anything to push through their Liberal agenda, including sacrificing the well-being of American families. Vulnerable Democrats will have much to answer for in 2022, and voters across the country are taking note.”


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