Joe Biden’s approval rating is underwater across the country, and nowhere are Biden’s problems more pronounced than in 2022 Senate battleground states. Voters from Arizona to New Hampshire to Georgia – and nearly every state in between – disapprove of Biden and his failed leadership.

Biden is going down like a lead balloon, which explains why vulnerable Senate Democrats are attempting to distance themselves from his failures. Catherine Cortez MastoRaphael WarnockMark KellyMaggie Hassan, and Michael Bennet have voted with Joe Biden’s radical agenda nearly 100% of the time. Behind the scenes, these fake moderates are “hiding behind [Sinema’s] skirt” as she stands up to Biden’s extreme policies and encouraged him not to travel to battleground states like Arizona.

Given their public distance with Joe Biden, it’s easy to see why vulnerable Senate Democrats believe Joe Biden’s failed leadership is a liability on the campaign trail. But voters won’t soon forget that these far-left senators worked with Biden to fuel the border crisis, hike prices on everything from gas to groceries, and ignore rising crime in their communities. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “With approval ratings way underwater, vulnerable Senate Democrats are hoping Joe Biden doesn’t come near their states to sink their reelection chances. Too late. Contrary to what Democrats believe, voters are smart enough to remember their senator’s blind allegiance to Joe Biden’s extreme radical agenda that has made it harder for them to pay their bills and no longer feel safe in their communities.”


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