New U.S. Producer Price Index numbers out this morning show a 10% year-over-year increase over the last 12 months, an all-time high for the metric, and a faster increase than predicted. 

While Democrats scramble to blame this all on Vladimir Putin – who isn’t helping the situation, obviously – it bears repeating that this metric also hit a near record-high over the preceding several months.  In other words, the awful economic mismanagement, and anti-American energy agenda of the Biden Administration and Senate Democrats created the crisis that is now being exacerbated.  

According to a recent poll, the American people aren’t falling for the blanket blame on Russia. 

The impact of inflation is being felt worse in battleground states like Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.  According to Axios, the percentage increase of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose faster than the national average in those states. 

“The CPI’s U.S. city average in February 2020 was 257.97; in February 2022, it was 281.15 — a growth of 8.2%.

  • In the Atlanta area, the change was 11.7… In the urban areas in Arizona, the difference was 10.7%.
  • In West Coast cities, including the Nevada battleground of Las Vegas, the difference was 8.4% — just higher than the U.S. national city average.”

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Inflation continues to blow past estimates and put the squeeze on the American people.  Meanwhile, Senate Democrats and President Biden have no plans to fix it – lining up trillions in new domestic spending without addressing the core causes of our overheated economy.  Democrats are also trying to fleece the American people with their newfound push to ‘drill baby, drill.’  Fortunately, voters aren’t fooled and keenly aware of the policy failures that brought us to this point.” 


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