The integrity of the U.S. academic system is under attack, yet President Biden is more concerned with pushing outrageous spending packages than he is with protecting students. Biden displayed this complacency last year by rescinding the Trump administration’s proposal to strengthen the enforcement of foreign gift reporting requirements, even after a bombshell Department of Education report found $6.5 billion in unreported foreign donations to academic institutions. Since taking office, the Biden administration has not opened any new investigations on foreign donations.

In Case You Missed It via Fox News, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx argues that foreign money often comes with strings attached—we must protect our colleges and universities from undue foreign influence, especially when it comes to foreign adversaries like Russia and China.

Stanford University cancels $1.7M Russian contract after Fox News inquiry
By Joe Schoffstall
March 12, 2022

Stanford University is terminating what appears to be the last remaining active Russian contract among colleges in the United States after Fox News reached out for details and comment on the arrangement. 

Stanford entered into a $1.65 million agreement with an unidentified Russian entity in December 2020, a search of the College Foreign Gift and Contract Report database shows. The three-year agreement contains sparse details, though it notes the funding did not come from the Kremlin.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, told Fox News.

“Most people give money for a reason,” the North Carolina Republican said. “It’s generally accepted that they are looking for ways to influence what is happening in the colleges and universities.”

The Department of Education in 2020 discovered $6.5 billion in previously unreported foreign money to universities from adversarial countries, including China and Russia.

Other universities have also cut student, research and financial ties from Russia, distancing them from the authoritarian superpower.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology severed a research partnership with the Kremlin, and the University of Colorado is liquidating investments in Russian companies, Forbes reported

Read the full article here.


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