House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) released the following statement on Tuesday’s remote, closed-door committee briefing on the conflict in Ukraine:

“Democrats today held a closed-door briefing with former Ambassadors Michael McFaul, John Tefft, and Ivo Daalder – all of whom worked for Democrat presidents. The Ambassadors made clear that, in addition to banning the U.S. import of all Russian energy, the United States must increase domestic energy production. They condemned any attempts by the Biden Administration to buy oil from dictators and autocrats in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran instead of from the U.S. or other democracies. 

“Energy security is critical to national security and it’s imperative we ramp up American-made energy now. It’s past time for Democrats and the Biden Administration to cease pushing their reckless Green New Deal policies that have weaponized our adversaries, funded Putin’s aggression, and caused pain for Americans at the pump.” 


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