With inflation at a 40-year high, a never-ending crisis along the southern border, and war in Ukraine, Senate Democrats used their first vote yesterday to address their top legislative priority: legalizing abortion-on-demand, including late-term abortion.

American families are struggling to pay their bills and feel less safe in their communities, but they cannot count on Democrats to actually care. No wonder Republicans are edging out Democrats on the generic ballot. Senate Democrats like Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, Maggie Hassan, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Michael Bennet would rather please their abortion lobby donors than lower costs, secure the border, and protect our communities.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Hardworking Americans face record-high prices at the pump, at the grocery store, and everywhere in between. But Senate Democrats don’t care. Instead of working to fix the crises they’ve created, the radical Left prioritized an extreme, pro-abortion bill that would legalize abortion-on-demand, including late-term abortion. Senate Democrats fully believe their radical agenda is more important than helping struggling families make ends meet.”


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