Democrats have a serious problem, and they know it. Hispanic voters are running away from the Democrats as fast as they can and becoming Republican. Joe Biden and the Democrats seem to be puzzled about why Hispanic voters are moving away from their party in droves, but the reasons could not be clearer. They support the Republican agenda of smaller government, capitalism, and secure borders. And they reject the Democrats’ agenda of big government, socialism, and open borders.

Here is what they are saying about Democrats’ problem with Hispanic voters:

  • WSJ: The nation’s large and diverse group of Hispanic voters is showing signs of dividing its support between Democrats and Republicans more evenly than in recent elections, a new Wall Street Journal poll finds, a troubling development for the Democratic Party, which has long counted on outsize Hispanic support.
  • Washington Examiner: Democrats are losing their edge with Hispanic voters, and prominent members of the minority community are sounding the alarm to President Joe Biden and their Capitol Hill colleagues before next year’s midterm cycle.
  • CNN: Democrats have a major problem with Hispanic voters.
  • The Hill: Democrats are worried they could be losing their electoral grip on Hispanics, the country’s second-largest voter bloc by ethnicity.
  • New York Post: “The Democrats are steadily losing ground with Hispanic voters,” observes Ruy Teixeira at Liberal Patriot. “It’s not as bad as you think, it’s worse.”
  • Fox News: Hispanic voters have for the most part been a Democratic Party stronghold, but a new poll finds the demographic is steadily moving to the right amid President Biden’s widespread unpopularity.
  • El American: The Hispanic community is one of the fastest growing in the electorate. Most of us fled countries ruined economically and morally by leftist policies, we don’t want the same thing to happen in the United States. Undoubtedly, this community will play a key role in the upcoming elections.
  • National Review: It turns out that Republicans could persuade Hispanic voters with the Republican message.
  • Washington Times: Hispanic voters are moving toward the Republican Party and more evenly splitting their support between the Republican and the Democratic parties than in recent election cycles, a new poll shows.
  • Town Hall: New Hispanic Voter Numbers Should Send Chills Down the Spines of Democrats.

If Hispanics increasingly disapprove of President Biden and the Democrats, then why do Democrat Senators like Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, and Michael Bennet fully support their failing agenda?

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