Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after the House’s passage of H.R. 6119, a bill to continue funding the government to impose vaccine mandates and other tyrannies on the American People:

With today’s passage of yet another continuing resolution, the House rubberstamped funding for President Biden to unilaterally impose five vaccine mandates on the American People. Congress endorsed a federal government that is forcing Americans to decide between making their own healthcare decisions and their livelihoods.

A lot of people in this town seem to have forgotten that the American people are not our subjects. They are our fellow citizens. They are our bosses. This is supposed to be the “People’s House,” where their voices are heard.

Congress is supposed to use the power of the purse – our Article I Authority – to check the executive branch when they step outside the scope of their obligation to the constitution and harm American citizens in the process. And we have a moral obligation to give voice and representation to the people who elected us whose liberty and livelihoods are being attacked.

Yet Democrats did not permit a single amendment to be considered. I offered an amendment that would have prohibited funding from being used to implement or enforce Biden’s vaccine mandates. Democrats likely would have voted it down, but at least there would have been a semblance of legislative debate and public accountability on this critical issue.

But this bill’s problems do not stop there. In addition to funding unconstitutional mandates, this bill also furthers the government-funded tyranny that Americans face every day. That includes a Department of Education that subsidizes teaching our kids radical gender ideologies and CRT, and an FBI that goes after parents for daring to speak out; a DHS run by a Secretary that refuses to secure the border and cedes control to cartels; a DOD responsible for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that undermines military readiness by focusing on diversity and climate change instead of real threats; and a regulatory regime that is subjecting the American People to energy poverty.

Now it is up to Senate Republicans to assert the authority granted to them by the constitution and stand up for their constituents against this tyranny. It is imperative they stand strong and act, rather than crossing their fingers and hoping the judicial branch bails them, and the American People, out.

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