Rep. Lauren Boebert blasted leftist extremists for killing the Jordan Cove Pipeline, which would have provided thousands of good-paying energy jobs, secured American energy independence, and improved the environment.

Rep. Lauren Boebert stated: “Under the Trump administration, America was a net energy exporter, but under the Biden regime, we have been begging OPEC for energy. American natural gas is some of the cleanest-burning fuel in the world, and to improve the environment, provide American jobs, secure American economic and national security, and project an image of strength to the world, America should pursue energy independence. The cancellation of the Jordan Cove Pipeline is a tragedy for Coloradans and for American energy independence. American energy policy should not hinge on a few radical, well-funded environmentalists on the West Coast.”

The Jordan Cove Pipeline would have exported natural gas from Colorado and Utah’s Piceance and Uinta basins to secure American energy independence and put America back on track to be a net energy exporter.

Exporting American energy is a key component of securing American energy dominance, and it enhances American national security while providing American jobs and improving the environment since we drill cleaner energy than any other country on earth. By exporting natural gas, American energy allows other countries to move away from coal to cleaner-burning fuel and improves air quality and reduces CO2 emissions globally.

Even though the Jordan Cove Pipeline was initially approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, it was ultimately killed by radical environmentalists on the West Coast, including Oregon Governor Kate Brown. At every step of the way, environmental extremists filed frivolous lawsuits, failed to approve state permits, and imposed undue burdens on responsible energy development in an effort to kill American energy dominance.

Rep. Boebert unapologetically supports American energy jobs, and one of her first actions in Congress was to introduce the Protecting American Energy Jobs Act to defend American energy jobs from radical leftist policies.

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