Shortly after 4:00 am, while the majority of Americans were fast asleep, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer began his attempt to revive S.1, the “Corrupt Politicians Act.” The vote came after senators spent 14 hours of debate and votes over amendments to a massive $5 trillion budget resolution that will do untold damage to the American economy. 

It’s clear that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent refusal to rule out a primary challenge to Schumer has gotten to him.  Before the Senate adjourns for the rest of August, Schumer is trying to revive this DC power-grab even though it failed earlier this year.

From handing power over local elections to the federal government, to taxpayer money funding politicians, to restrictions on voter ID requirements, the “Corrupt Politicians Act” is widely unpopular both in the daylight and the dead of night.  

Statement from NRSC Spokesperson T.W. Arrighi: “Chuck Schumer is really feeling the summer heat.  AOC has him so paranoid that he has begun his attempt to revive the already failed ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ in the middle of the night.  AOC and Schumer may both crave more power for Washington, but it will take more than the cover of darkness to trick the American people into accepting a bill that is a danger to our democracy.”


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