Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin is building on his momentum in the final days of the campaign with a series of TV and digital ads featuring Democrats who are backing his campaign.

“This is no longer a campaign, this is a movement,” said Youngkin. “It’s Virginians coming together and demanding safer communities, better schools, and lower taxes. Our positive vision for Virginia is winning over Independents by double digits and we’re also seeing Democrats crossing the aisle in droves to join our team. I’m grateful for their support and can’t wait to go to work on behalf of all Virginians.”

This week, the Youngkin campaign unveiled a new TV ad featuring Briana Howard, a Fairfax mom who usually votes Democrat. She supported Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but this year she is voting for Youngkin because she feels her daughter’s safety and education has become an afterthought.

Rita Parks is a proud Democrat in Northern Virginia. She believes there is too much political bickering and is voting for Youngkin because of his ability to bring people together.

Emily Curtis is a Loudoun County resident and lifelong Democrat who worked in Bill Clinton’s White House. She voted for Terry McAuliffe in 2013, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Joe Biden in 2020. This year, she is voting Republican for the first time because of Youngkin’s positive vision and focus on what really matters: jobs, education, and COVID recovery.

Tywana Hampton is a lifelong Democrat who is voting for Youngkin because he is genuine, caring, and consistent.

Saundra Davis is a lifelong Democrat who voted for Joe Biden. She’s voting for Youngkin because she is concerned about politics being put before children in Virginia’s education system and she trusts Youngkin to give parents a voice.

These five Democrat women demonstrate Youngkin’s broad base of support across Virginia, and all signs point toward that support increasing as Election Day approaches.


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