Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02) released the following statement after voting against Democrats’ unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab that puts federal officials in control of state and local elections and massively advantages the Democratic Party in all future elections.

“Don’t believe for one minute the party so brazenly canceling out legitimate American votes by openly funneling millions of illegal immigrants to the voting booth and assaulting voter I.D. laws cares one lick about voting integrity or imaginary voter suppression,” said Moore. “It is downright insulting that Democrats who are cheapening the sacred right to vote so many Americans fought and died for have the gall to claim the moral high ground as protectors of the ballot box. We’ve seen record minority voter turn-out in recent elections and exceedingly high minority voter registration, yet Democrats’ ‘solutions’ to their imagined crisis would simply make voting less secure, erasing our gains and disenfranchising millions of legitimate, lawful voters.

“The progressive’s playbook to tar any opponent of partisan, so-called ‘voter protection’ bills or supporter of the filibuster as racist and an enemy of democratic elections ignores facts and common sense. Their playbook is a carbon copy of their scheme to shame anyone who dares question the ever-evolving and often contradictory pandemic pseudo-science peddled by power hungry bureaucrats and Leftist politicians to force lockdowns, mandates, and whatever expansion of Big Government power they can justify. Yet despite the Left’s propogandist talking points shamelessly parroted by their Fake News coconspirators, the real voting rights crisis and threat to our republic is being created in liberal-run cities and sought by Democrats in Washington.

“Our country is experiencing multiple historic crises that have tried and tested all freedom-loving Americans, but we cannot afford to succumb to the immense pressure, lies, and name-calling from power-thirsty Washington Democrats and their woke corporate captives and surrender the liberties and rights we value so deeply. We must answer the call demanded by these unprecedented dangers to our representative democracy and fight back or else the protections secured by our Constitution to defend our form of government will be stolen from us.”

The Democrats’ “voting rights” legislation would:

Give billions of public dollars to campaigns. Speaker Pelosi would receive up to $22.7 million in public dollars for her reelection campaign, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer would receive up to $44.1 for his reelection campaign.
Transform the office of the U.S. Attorney General into an unelected, unaccountable “Elections Czar” with the power to change state elections law and circumvent state constitutional processes.
Force states to legalize ballot harvesting.
Make it harder for states to maintain their voter lists.
Disregard state voter identification laws and provisional ballot rules.
Impose liberal California voting methods on every state.
Allow the IRS to investigate and consider the political and policy persuasions of organizations before granting tax-exempt status.
2020 saw the highest turnout in 120 years and, according to Pew, 94 percent say it’s easy to vote. There is clearly no widespread “voter suppression” issue in this country. Yet Washington Democrats uniformly oppose commonsense voting security measures like requiring a photo identification to vote, despite 80 percent of Americans supporting laws requiring voters to show photo identification.

Last night, 220 House Democrats blocked consideration of H. Res. 866, offered by the Ranking Member of the House Administration Committee Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13). This resolution would recognize that allowing illegal immigrants and non-citizens to vote fundamentally tarnishes the sacred right to vote of all American citizens.

Despite the feigned righteous indignation from Democrats, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer himself has voted OVER 500 times to sustain a filibuster during his 23 years in the Senate. In 2020, Democrats used the filibuster 327 times alone.


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