Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin released his closing campaign ad entitled “Our Moment,” which highlights Youngkin’s positive vision of safer communities, better schools, and a lower cost of living for Virginia families.

Youngkin’s closing ad completes the narrative laid out in his first general election ad released nearly five months ago on June 8, “A New Day.”

“Our Moment” depicts the story of the race, with Republicans, Independents, Democrats, and Virginians of all colors and backgrounds coming together, leaving the same old politicians of the past behind, and bringing a new day to Virginia on November 2nd. This race may have started with a campaign, but now it is a movement.

A transcript of Youngkin’s closing campaign ad is below:

YOUNGKIN: For too long we’ve been told by the same career politicians that more government control is the answer, but this election isn’t about them, it’s about us.

It’s about law enforcement that needs our support to keep Virginia safe.

Parents who want a better education for our kids.

And Virginians who deserve lower taxes.

Together we can build a better future that works for us.

This is our moment.

On November 2nd a new day begins in Virginia!


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