Now that Conor Lamb is looking for a promotion and looking to win a primary that is full of extreme progressive liberals, he is talking to extreme progressive liberal groups in Pennsylvania. Yesterday, he spoke at a ‘Meet the Candidate Senate Series’ hosted by the Progressives of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Some members of this group were representing Pennsylvania Indivisible.

When asked directly about his so-called moderate positions, he admitted to being a fake moderate.

Question: “Some people believe that your views and your votes are more conservative than most Democrats… It may not be what’s needed to appeal to the Democrats for the Senate race…Can you discuss how your views have evolved and how your votes in the past will be predictive of future votes?”

Answer: “When I was representing a district that Trump won by 19 points that can’t help but rub off on you a little bit. So, if some of my votes ended up looking different than colleagues of mine who are in D+19 as opposed to R+19 districts. That’s almost inevitable.”

People seem to forget that thus far in 2021, Lamb has voted with a majority of his fellow Democrats 99% of the time and voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Conor Lamb says it’s ‘inevitable’ that he had to be a fake moderate. It’s also INEVITABLE that he and other Democrat candidates in Pennsylvania are running as far to the Left as possible in the Senate race. That will hurt their chances in a general election because Pennsylvanians don’t need or want socialists running their state.”


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