NRSC Chairman Rick Scott announced the Committee brought in $8 million during August – a record for August of the off-year. The NRSC achieved a record number of gifts, donors, and first-time donors for any month of the 2022 cycle, with grassroots donors hitting a record-high of more than 174,000 and first-time donors nearing 19,000.

Chairman Scott also announced that the August 2021 haul is more than double than what the NRSC raised during the same month during the 2020 cycle and has now outpaced the DSCC’s entire 2019 fundraising. The NRSC has $25.24 million cash on hand.

“As Joe Biden and Senate Democrats continue to tout their ‘Agenda of Abandonment,’ American voters are starting to abandon them,” said NRSC Chairman Rick Scott. “Democrats are responsible for the skyrocketing prices of everyday goods, for a border crisis that’s raged on since January, and for the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left our own troops and our allies out to dry. Voters are turning their backs on Democrats’ constant failures because they know Democrats do not have solutions. Voters know it will be a Republican Senate majority that will work to protect their families and hold Joe Biden accountable for abandoning hardworking Americans everywhere.”

Fast Facts:

August total raised: $8 million
Cash on Hand: $25.24 million
Number of August donations: 175,552
Average donation: $45.17
Number of August first-time donors: 18,981
Number of August donations under $200: 174,028
Total of August donations under $200: $4.96 million
Debt: $0

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