There is no bigger foreign policy issue facing our country than the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. The U.S. Constitution gives Senators a major role in foreign policy, so one would expect that a leading candidate to serve in such an office would have an opinion on such a crucial matter. 

Well, Cheri Beasley is no ordinary candidate – she is trying to run a race without taking a position on anything (no seriously, watch this)!  Wednesday, when asked a very simple question on President Biden’s culpability in Afghanistan, she could not even muster a simple answer. She walked away after being asked the same question multiple times. 

Does North Carolina really want a U.S. Senator offering advice and consent on foreign policy issues who can’t even offer an answer about whether Joe Biden deserves any blame for the horror in Afghanistan?

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Cheri Beasley is not equipped to be a United States Senator. Time and time again she has punted or avoided questions on the leading issues of the day. As Afghanistan descends into chaos and Taliban rule, North Carolina cannot afford a U.S. Senator who doesn’t have the courage to take a stand on tough issues and call out her own party’s leaders for their failures.” 

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