Following a tragic and deadly day in Afghanistan, many Americans are left wondering why Joe Biden and his administration failed to protect American troops and citizens. They’re also asking if all troops should still be withdrawn from Afghanistan within the next four days.

As he acknowledged the obvious failure to prepare for a devastating situation in Afghanistan, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly refused to hold the Biden Administration directly accountable for this “disaster.” Even in the face of attacks on American troops and civilians, he declined to call on the administration to abandon the Taliban’s August 31st troop withdrawal deadline.

Mark Kelly: You asked how did we get here? Well it is the result of failure to prepare for let’s say the worst-case scenario. And that’s what we’re seeing here.

Anchor: Indeed, the White House is committed to August 31st deadline for withdrawal. That commitment is still there. Should that commitment still be there?

Mark Kelly: I think the top priority is the mission. And here the mission is to evacuate American citizens … I’m focused on that and mission success […]

Anchor: Should we have expected this though, Senator? Because there are reports that a terrorist threat was in the intelligence at or near the Kabul airport. A couple of days ago we were hearing reports about this, should we have been better prepared? 

Mark Kelly: From the beginning as this has unfolded, yeah, obviously we should of been better prepared for what happened today. But just leading up to the last week, I mean, this has been a disaster […]

Anchor: Should we have set the date? Should we be out of Afghanistan? Are events proving that maybe this was a little premature? 

Mark Kelly: Well, as I said earlier Ted, the important thing for me is mission success.

QUESTION FOR MARK KELLY: Is abandoning American citizens in Afghanistan in less than four days what he would consider “mission success”?


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