Senator Raphael Warnock is looking to raise money, but not from Georgians.  He’s headed off to the West Coast tonight to rake in money from wealthy donors in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco.

With the Democrats’ agenda – both at home and abroad – coming apart at the seams, Warnock is trading time answering constituent questions for a trip to pay homage to Nancy Pelosi’s district and her deep-pocketed liberal donors.  

Warnock has quickly become a favorite of Democrat leadership in Washington because he is the most loyal Democrat in the Senate, voting with Chuck Schumer 100% of the time and Bernie Sanders 97% of the time. In fact, he votes in near lockstep with California’sliberal Senators too – with Sen. Diane Feinstein 98% of the time and Sen. Alex Padilla 99% of the time. 

Georgia is nothing like California, so why is their Senator voting like he’s a Californian and raising money in liberal San Francisco? We think the answer is obvious…

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Raphael Warnock is taking his liberal pilgrimage to San Francisco to ask for money from Nancy Pelosi’s wealthy constituents.  He will no doubt be welcomed as a hero since his voting record is more in line with California liberals than the Georgians he represents. Out of state liberals bankrolled his last campaign and got what they paid for: a Senator who votes for their agenda that hurts Georgia families. Unfortunately for Warnock, Nancy Pelosi’s constituents won’t be able to help him at the ballot box next November.”



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