Cheri Beasley is doing everything in her power to not take a position on any issue – her opponents, the filibuster, vaccine mandates, you name it!

However, her opinions are clear to anyone paying attention to who she surrounds herself with. There’s no better example than Beasley’s first fundraising ally, anti-police congresswoman Cori Bush.

Today, the Washington Post published a profile on the Missouri Congresswoman and her far-Left record. When it came to her previous statements regarding defunding the police, she doubled down saying: “I’m not going to shy away from ‘defund the police.’”

Can’t get much clearer than that. We wait with bated breath for Cheri Beasley to give North Carolinians a clear answer on whether she supports her radical pals’ push to defund the police. 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “If Cheri Beasley is unable to give answers herself, North Carolinians must seek them from her chosen surrogates, like Cori Bush. Bush unapologetically believes in defunding the police and has made it the cornerstone of her legislative agenda while Cheri Beasley proudly stands beside her. If Beasley opposes defunding the police, she should come out and say it and reject the radical views of her bestie, Cori Bush.” 


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