Senate Democrats voted unanimously against Senator Tim Scott’s amendment to support in-person learning. They would rather take orders from their bosses in teachers unions than ensure children across the country get back in the classroom this fall. 

It’s no coincidence that Senate Democrats don’t support in-person learning since their teachers union bosses recently backtracked on their commitment to get children back in the classroom. Polling done by the NRSC shows that an overwhelming majority of American parents believe it’s time to reopen schools.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman Jonathan Turcotte: “It should come as no surprise that Senate Democrats STILL won’t commit to getting American children back in the classroom. Senate Democrats would rather appease the teachers unions that fund their campaigns than ensure struggling American children have the resources they need for in-person learning. The science is clear: in-person learning is safe. But Senate Democrats are ignoring the science – because science doesn’t fund their campaigns.” 


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